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Walking, Reading and Acting

Representation of Masterpieces of Polish Theater

in Taiwan


Walking, Reading and Acting, Representation of Masterpieces of Polish Theater in Taiwan is a half-year art project of promoting Polish masterpieces of Theater, planned and executive by a mix-blooded (Polish and Taiwanese) theater group, Theater Naturally Connected, conducted by Warsaw Trade Office in Taipei, and supported by National Culture and Arts Foundation in Taiwan.

The vision of the project is to show the modern and contemporary Polish theater-scape to Taiwanese audience and readers. “Humanity Exploration” is core spirit, and script translation is the first step, we choose three playwright’s representative works from 1930’s to 2010’s , to present the transformation of Polish narrative expression in theater within the last hundred years.

The project starts from January to May, 2017. It contains many different kinds of events, including publishing the compilation of scripts, open talk in Taipei International Book Exhibition, series of lectures on campus and in theater, playwriting workshop, play-reading show and stage production.

The project is cooperated by several theater groups, a historical theater and a modern theater, independent publishing colleague, bookstore colleague and three national universities. 

Due to the cross-cultural and multi-type artistic quality, it is considered as potential and expectable so that the press has shown high interest in this culture-extendable project.

“The Little Stability, Script Compilation of Polish Theater in A Century”

Now available all around Taiwan!

We are so excited to announce that the compilation of Polish representative theater script is NOW AVAILABLE online and soon all around Taiwan!


The compilation includes the scripts of

  • Shoemaker (Szewcy),Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz(1885-1939)

  • Świadkowie albo nasza mała stabilizacja" ,Tadeusz Różewicz(1921-2014)

  • The Sand-pit (Piaskownica),Michał Walczak(1980-)

Please check the online bookstore as linked.

“Świadkowie” Play Reading Ensemble


Venue:Wet Land Venue(No.10, Ln. 107, Linsen N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City)


15:30 5F (Male Version: Chi-Wei Yeh, Representation Theater)

19:30 4F(Female Version: Tang-Yu Lin, MyanMyan Studio )



Play-writing workshop held by Michał Walczak

We'd like to introduce you the great Polish playwright and director, Michał Walczak, as our workshop host in February, 2017. 


Building on the tragi-comical rough-and-tumble between the genders, with the cruelty and humor of mutual misunderstanding, Michał Walczak is considered one of the most prolific Polish playwrights of the younger generation.


Workshop Information

Date:11th to 13th of February , 2017.

Time:10am- 5pm.

Location:Thinkers' Theater (3F, No. 1, Lane 32, Section 1, Dihua St, Datong District, Taipei City, 103)

Enrollment:Online Application. Quota:20 people.

Tuition Fee:NTD 5,000. (Plus Deposit NTD1,000.)

Due date:31rd of January, 2017.

Enroll Procedure:Please email the application form to Theater Naturally Connected by due date

Please pay attention:

※ The workshop will be host in English with Mandarin translation.

※ Attendants have to write an article above 1000 words, on the topic of "Ghost in city" as important materials of workshop, please translate the article into English.

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