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Hear the Wind Sing

2021. Oct


I recognize you when I heard you.

Huang Fang, a Hakka girl, appears in the mist without knowing who she is and where she is from. She steps into the river of time, tracing back to the origin of her memory.
Huang Fang meets the natural spirits and lands people on her way, being blessed and gifted by them. When she hears the song blew via wind from a distance will she remember her way home.
Weaving the poetry of famous Taiwanese female poet, Du-Pan Fan Ke, and the chant of solar term, the play combines the modern theater and traditional Hakka life culture into a poetic rhythm.


Duration|45 mins
Venue|Cloud Theatre Taiwan 

Buy “Fong-Tu Gift” to get special package (Taiwan Only)!

  • Adventure Map + Paper doll
    You can follow the main character to meet other roles, 4 routes included. Highly interactive QR code: You can hear the beautiful songs and texts of performance in scenes on map.

  • Customized herbal tea and bathing pack for the performance
    Cooperated with the hundred-year old herbal shop in Taipei, all the materials are based on Hakka culture.

  • Lottery poetry of solar terms
    Check your everyday luck with the poetry and  know more about the traditional solar terms for each season.

  • DIY Colored bracelet
    According to Hakka legend, Nuwa melted five-color stones to mend the cracks in the sky. With those five colored strings and fabric in the DIY package, may the beautiful bracelet made by parents and children.

Production Team

Playwright : Rong Chiu

Original Poet: Fang-Ge Du-Pan

Theatre Director: Rong Chiu

Film Director: Wan-yu Lin

Cast : Xin-Yu Lin, Jayden Sheng, Ning Song, Yu-Hsuan Dai, Chai

Production Manager :  Yachuan Chou

Executive Producer: Chun-Ju Chang

Music Designer : Chai

Costume Designer :  Amigo Cheng

Props Designer:  Jayden Shen

Makeup & Hair Stylist : Ying-Xiang Hsu

Assistant Makeup Artist : Ling-wen Meng 

Rehearsal Assistant : I-Heng Chen 

Hakka Translator: Qing-Ming Hsu

Hakka Traditional Florist: Yu-Huang Xie


Sound Engineer: Wei-Yo Lai
Sound Assistant: Yu-Hsun Wang

Recording Studio : Vocal Track Studio

Camera Operator: Kuan-Yu Chen

Assistant Camera : Zhe-Qi Yang

Gaffer :  Yu-Ming Yang

Best Boy : Rui-Yu Wu 

Clapper-Loader : I-Heng Chen 

Editor:Wan-yu Lin

Colorist:Wan-yu Lin

Mixing Engineer:Wei-Yo Lai

Mixing Studio:Vocal Track Studio

Subtitle Translator:Carol Hsi
Graphic Designer: Yu-Wei Xie

Still Photographer : Fan-En Lin

Trailer Editing:  Tshio Tiô Studio

Promo Film Editor:Xi-Cheng Yang

Adviser:Taipei Hakka Affairs Commission 

Organizer:Taipei Hakka Culture Foundatioin 

Implementer:Theater Naturally Connected

In Collaboration with:Cloud Theatre Taiwan

Media Cooperator:tien faˊ

Instrument Sponsor:Ming Guitar

Location Cooperator:Guling Theater、Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab、Zhanlu Co., Ltd、Taipei Hakka Culture Park 

To see the photos of Hear the Wind Sing, please click here.

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