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Symbiosis Apartment

2020. Oct

I love you even we are so different.

I love you even we would be hurt by each other.
A poetic love story of two same-sex lovers struggling between reality and romance.

First anniversary of voting for marriage equality,

we are here to talk about the predicament of gay marriage. 


Selected by the 2020 TAOasis Art Oasis Creating Project


Two souls with completely different personalities, they are in love but can’t  help but to struggle, the relationship between them is like symbiosis. Were they able to survive without each other? And how to take care of reality and romance at the same time? This is a story about trying to maintain the balance between self and another person.


This project takes the marriage interaction of a gay couple as the main theme, to explore how can one person keep the core value when forming a family, and meanwhile to understand, to protect, to accompany each other. There is no perfect love. There is nothing right or wrong in love. The dilemma we’re facing in marriage is equal whether straight or not, it’s all about two individuals' fear to lose their own self, forming a wrestling field caused by love.

Director|Kate Stanislawski

Writer|Chia-Hsiang Chang

Actor|Po-Tsen Shen,  Alexandre Chang

Costume Designer|Hsiang-Ling Li

Sound Consultant|Yannick Dauby

Sound Field Designer|Wei-Yu Lai

Sound Coordinator|Yu-Chien Chen

Producer|Ya-Chuan Chou

Executive Producer|Chun-Ju Chang

Rehearsal Assistant|Ching-En Huang


Graphic Designer|Yu-Chuan Lin

Collaborative Painter|Ling-An Chiang

Performance Documentation|@vmstudio

More photos of Symbiosis Apartment, please click here.

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