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Ai-Ling  (Shoemaker)

2017. May

Will the success of revolution comes after the truth?

Will the darkness of human beings continues after the class reverse? 

"AI-LING" is adapted from the "Shoemaker" (Szewcy) written by the Polish writer, Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz, who published the script in 1930’s. The story is a cruel doomsday prophecy by using numerous metaphors and ironic conversation. Europe at the turbulent time of 1930’s, people haven’t recovered from the destruction of World War 1st, and the atmosphere seems like they’re getting another war, inhabitants of many nations live with anxiety and panic attacks.


The director of this theatre performance, Kate Stanislawski also comes from Poland. With her solid grounding in the techniques of theatre trained by The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, she will bring the audience into a real world that they cannot resist to dance rapturously with, no matter what kind of the class you are, or how the times are changing.

Premiere|3rd to 7th, May, 2017 

Venue|Arch Hall, Hua-Shang 1914 Creative Park

Duration|90 mins

Playwright: Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz

Director : Kate Stanislawski

Cast: YiLing Tsa, Yachuan Chou, Kuang-Hong Pan, Cory Pong, Allexandre Chang

Director Assistant: En-Ping Yu

Stage Designer: Chialing Kuo

Lighting Designer: Fang-Yu Chien

Costume Designer: Ben Kuo

Costume Assistant: Door Dressing Studio

Makeup & Hair Stylist: Lu Chu

Music Designer: Rita Huang

Stage Manager : Zheng-Hua Chen

Graphic Designer:  Chiayun Chiang, Chi Hang

Photographer: Mei Lin Producer: Yarou Chen

Production Assistant:  Xin-Hui Liu

Promotion Planner: Chien-Yi Zhu

Project Planner: Grass Wang

In Cooperation with Open Learning Publisher

Sponsorship : National Culture and Arts Foundation、Warszawskie Biuro Handlowe w Tajpej

More photos of "Ai-Ling", please click here.

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