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Ideal of T.N.C

Theater Naturally Connected (TNC) is launched by Polish actress, Katarzyna Stanisławska and Taiwanese stage manager, Ya-Chuan Chou in 2014 in Taiwan.

The Core Spirit — Nature-friendly

“Theater Naturally Connected” means the magic of theater that will attract people who share the same idea and vision, within the cooperation can these people make great power. Meanwhile, Kaxia and YaChuan cares about environmental issue very much, they insist to use recycled and reusable materials in their productions to reduce the consumption in theater and to be more nature-friendly.

Important Projects


  • The Sandpit


  • Walking, Reading and Acting Representation of Masterpieces of Polish Theater in Taiwan

The Little Stability, Script Compilation of Polish Theater in A Century

  • Ai-Ling, premiere in HuaShang 1914 Creative Park.


  • Mosina, premiere in Nan-Chang Temple in Beipu, Hsinchu County

  • Green Forest, premiere in Taipei Hakka Culture Center


  • Sandpit tour in Experimental Theater in Hsinchu Culture Center 


  • Rolling Earth, premiere in HuaShang 1914 Creative Park, tour in Hsinchu Culture Center.

  • Nanpu Hang Hang, Nan-Chang Temple in Beipu, Hsinchu County

  • Symbiosis Apartment, premiere in Taoyuan City 

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