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Customized courses for different ages, from kids to adult, from professional acting training to experiencing class, from community to campus, T.N.C. has offered many kinds of courses since 2017.

Be Like a Shakespeare Fool 2020
Theater Naturally Connected x  Thinkers’ Studio 

【Fool- Basic Class】

“When we are born we cry , that we are come to this great stage of fools “

King Lear , Act IV , scene 6

How to exist outside of the rigid stage rules?

How to speak truthfully and directly to the audience?

How to be the part of the action and also be the commentator of the action? ​


Our new workshop will take actors on the journey with the Shakespeare’s fools . The most beloved and admired characters by the Globe Theater audience, both by the “groundlings “ and nobility.


On the six weeks course we will be analyzing every aspect of the clown , from natural idiot to the philosopher fool.

  • Age:above 16y 

  • Duration:24hr for 8 classes

  • Welcome for non-experienced people.

【Puppetry Training】

Derive from the idea of Fool in Shakespeares' play, to shape and make your own hand puppetry from top to toes in class.


Including puppet acting training every morning, to know the acting skills combined with traditional "Bu-Dai" puppetry and modern puppetry playing.

  • Age:above 12y 

  • Duration:24hr for 8 classes

_ IMG_5318.JPG
Acting Course for Kids

【Play more than Play】Workshop 

Lead by Kaxia, TNC's art director, to have happy interaction with other kids via games and exercise.

Suitable for kindergarten kids, to have experience of standing on stage, to find a way being comfortable and confident in the group.


English speaking together with Mandarin assistant.

  • Age:7-12y

  • Duration:2hrs

【Move your Body!】Workshop 

Starting from icebreaking games to break the border between kids.

Storytelling together with the body rhythm movement, to explore the space with five senses.

Leading kids to tell stories with their original imaginary .


English speaking together with Mandarin assistant.

  • Age:3-6y

  • Duration:1hr

Courses could all be customized for education organization.

Kaxia Sandpit
Flexing your emotions  
Acting course for actors

Having difficulties on connecting character to your own emotion?

Hard to disconnect character and your personal life?

Sometimes the role in life and role in play are just to close to each other.

On this class, Teacher Kaxia will use Stanislawski's acting system, leading you to find your true feelings and deep emotions, you will know how to transfer those life experiences onto stage but being protected and more inner-outer balanced.


English speaking together with Mandarin assistant.

  • Age:above 18y.

  • Duration:30 hrs

Courses could all be customized for enterprise training.

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