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Hang Hang Nanpu

2020. Sep

Stone God Festival

2021. May

2021 Nanpu Stone God Festival
Nanpu, Beipu Township, Hsinchu County

Traditional Festival x Voyage
Theatre x Hand-made Experience x Hakka Cuisine ​

The Stone God has been guarding Nanpu, the rice warehouse of Beipu Township, for over one hundred years. He wards off evil and protects the villagers, thus people honorifically call him “Lord Stone ”.

The Lord Stone of Nanpu takes special care of the health and safety of minor children, thus, many children venerate him as godfather. Every year on his birthday(8th, April of lunar calendar), they visit him to receive a talisman(a.k.a. JUAN) in Nanpu.

After the global pandemic from 2020, Nanpu villagers are going to pray for extended blessings by celebrating Lord Stone’s birthday ceremony on 15th May. They also invite everyone to participate in the Lord Stone Coming-of-age Ceremony,  to receive the blessing by participating in the competition or watch the ceremony.

In accordance with the local landscape features of Nanpu, TNC also creates an environmental theatre performance which leads you to play around the village!

For more photos in Nanpu,please click here.
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