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Green Forest 

2018. August

A group of children living in a forest without tree

An adventure to find the invisible friend, Mr. Shen....

The story takes place in a trash jungle where there was once an abundant green forest. The residents here include a bear who is always eating or sleeping, a piglet who has a lisp, a donkey who carries a negative mindset, and a rabbit who worries too much and always acts cautiously. One day, they go on a journey to seek for their legendary partner, “Mr. Chris”. However the trip is full of challenges, they have been attacked, stolen and too starving to keep on moving forward,...Will they  be able to find their “Mr. Chris” eventually?


The scenery of the forest is built by second-handed clothes and recycled toys. Every character in the story symbolized the status of exceptional children -- autism, anxious, depressed, forgetful and so on. By witnessing their test through the journey, we can learn to listen, to tolerate and to be supportive going through the hard time together.


Selected by the “2018 Contemporary Hakka Performing Arts Selection Works”, led by Taipei City Hakka Cultural Foundation.

Written and Directed by|Kate Stanislawski

Producer|Che-Ning Yang

Stage Designer|Chia-Ling Kuo

Costume Designer|Pen-Hao KUuo, Jo-Wei Huang

Lighting Designer|Fang-Yu Chien

Music designer|Chiao-Chuan Huang

Soundscape Designer|Yu-Hsuan Liao

Makeup Designer|Lu Chu

Graphic Designer|Ting-Ling Liu

Stage manager|Ya-Chuan Chou

Actor|Jui-Tzu Liu, Chiu-Jung Huang, Pei-Yu Huang, Jia-Hung Lin, Yung-Shan Hu, Chia-Hsiang Chang, Chia-Ni Ho

Rehearsal Assistant |Po-Tsen Shen, Miao-Yu Tseng

Hakka Culture Consultant|Chao-Chuan Hsu 

For more photos of Green Forest, please click here.

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