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2018. April

The connection between Jing-Jing and Liang-Liang are like lovers, friends and family. They wear their bling-bling clothes to play and fool around, to sing and to dance the same beautiful choreography everyday. Everything seems perfect in this relationship, however there’s some suppressing stress and wrestling.


One day, Liang-Liang hears a call from the mountain forest which triggers her deep desire in heart and leads her to choose, whether she should make her first step to explore another lifestyle or stay in the same old ordinary days?

This story is inspired by the folk tale <MOSINA>. We invite you to walk into the environmental theatre, to feel the stage set and the soundscape of nature, to overlook mountains and paddy fields, to regard the flying eagles. Starts from the journey of the puppet theatre, to listen to our own heart. The tour starts from the old houses in north Taiwan, to follow the puppet from the mountain forest, and go anywhere we want to visit. Let’s go into the natural environmental theatre, to feel the historical mottled wall and to listen to the mythical missing pages.

Director|Kate Stanislawski

Actor|Hsiao-Ting Tseng, Ya-Chuan CHou, En-Ping Yu

Script writer|Co-creation by director and actors

Producer|Yu-Ting Chen

Puppet designer|En-Ping Yu

Costume designer|I-Ning Pan

Music designer|Chiao-Chuan Huang

Visual concept|Yana Hu

Art director|Yu-Chuan Lin

Still photographor|Fan-En Lin、Mei-Chun Lin

Stage manager|Chun-Ju Chang、Chun-Ying Wang(Tung Blossom of Hakka Festival in Hsinchu)

Front desk manager|An-Ni Fan(Sessions of Taipei and Yilan)

Technical execution|Chia-Chi Chang, Ning Kuo

More photos of Mosina,please click here.

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