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Rolling Earth 

2020. July

Where are the invisible microorganisms and tiny insects on earth?

On the top of the trees? In the soil? In the sea? Or just around us?


When broccoli grows into a big tree,

or when green beans become a boat,

having a meal becomes so much funnier!​

Where are the foods going after we eat them?

Do you remember the pure pleasure of staring at an ant for a long time? 

We use second-handed objects and recycled materials to build the “Zero waste” theatre, and to transform the trivia of the ecological cycle into contemporary fables. Let’s get rid of the rules,  stick to the ground, and roll into the invisibly mysterious world on earth together!

※ Subsidized by the 2019 Children's Theatre Pre-show Performance Plan of Taipei Children's Arts Festival.。

Director|Ya-Chuan Chou

Playwright|An-Yun Ho

Actor| LING SU, Tzu-Yu Chao, Po-Chang Lu, An-Yun Ho

Executive Producer| Po-Tsen Shen

Lighting Designer| Chun-Ju Chang

Production Designer| Chia-Ling Kuo

Prop Designer| Chun-Hsien Chien

Music Designer| Ching-Shu Huang

Sound Field Designer| Wei-Yu Lai

Performance Director| Kate Stanislawski

Percussion Instructor|   Hai-Ting Liao

Graphic Designer| @woopeerdesign

Marketing| @kuantientien

Technical execution| Shao-Tung Tseng, Chih-Lung Cheng, Ching-Fang Huang

Sound Technician|  Symphony Joy  International Ltd

Front desk Manager| Chun-Chun Chen

Front desk Assisant| Yun-To Liu, Shang-Heng Chen

Technical Assistant| Li-Ting Chen, Kai-Chuan Ho, I-Le Chou

For more photos of Rolling Earth, please click here.

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