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The Sandpit

2014. Oct

He is a man and a boy, yet she is a woman and a girl.

Draw a line as boarder in the little sandpit.

No one gets hurt if you keep the line,

Not one gets blamed if you blame on other first.

People said love is a battle, somehow the destiny,

But he only sees his own fear in her.....

The first production of T.N.C was Sandpit (Piaskownica) written by Michał Walczak. This prize-winner script has been translated into 6 languages, it is one of the most popular play of Walczak.


Directly authorized by Walczak, Sandpit was brought to Asia for the first time by T.N.C, showing in the historical Guling Theater in Taipei in 2014, successfully been noticed and praised by audience and critics, also get the attention from publisher.

Director:Kate Stanislawski

Playwright:Michał Walczak 

Translator:Kuan-Hong Pan

Actor:Ya-Chuan Chou, Jian-Min Wang

Scenography:Kappa Tseng

Music Design:Rita Huang

Costume Design:Hsiang-Ling Lee

Graphic Design:Yu-Chuan Lin

Stage Manager:Pei-Xuan Cheng

Production Manager:Grass Wang

Executive Producer :Jie-Ni Chen

※  To see more premiere photos in 2014, please click here.

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